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Get Happy, Stay Happy

Find joy and gratitude every day with this upbeat little journal full of prompts that initiate quick positive changes (“get happy”) and tips that inspire lasting improvements (“stay happy”). Featuring an inviting design and plenty of accessible advice, this is a thoughtful gift that encourages easy, actionable life changes.

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Coming April 17: What’s Your M.O.?

Channel your inner Michelle and tackle all of life’s challenges!

Allow me to introduce my new book: What’s Your M.O.?: Live Your Best Life, the Michelle Obama Way. It publishes on April 17 and I am excited to get it into the hands of readers.

It was a pleasure to write. It even made jury duty a pleasure! Sitting in the jurors lounge waiting for my name to be called, I wrote scenario after scenario, consulting various books about and official speeches by the former First Lady. As you can imagine, I got fired up during the process, because Michelle Obama is a force of nature.

Like Mister Rogers and Oprah, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t love or at least grudgingly admire Michelle Obama. And me? I freakin’ love her.

So let me tell you a little about the book: It features 50 different scenarios common to most women, such as coping with mansplaining and salary parity to struggling to find sexy time with your partner. I share what Michelle said or did in a particular situation and then pivot to how you can use her example in concrete ways in your own life.

Add to that her most inspiring quotes, various lists and a certain turkey chili recipe, and you get an idea of how chockablock the book is with insight and advice. And let’s face it: don’t we all need a bit of inspiration and guidance during these tumultuous times?

I’ll be kicking things off with an interactive launch party and signing at Secret Garden Books on April 17. Check out my events page for more information. Meanwhile, you can pre-order from your favorite indie bookstore through indiebound.

Let me leave you with an inspiring MO quote of the day: “There’s nothing sexier than a smart woman…we have been told to live by a certain mold; it’s time to break it.”


What’s Your M.O.?: Live Your Best Life, the Michelle Obama Way

Beyond her time as the First Lady, Michelle Obama’s voice and presence continues to resonate with women on a profound level. Michelle is both the ultimate role model and the everywoman. If we can’t be her, we at least want to be like her. She’s inspirational and aspirational. Most of all, she’s real. And a gal can learn a lot from her, which is why I’ve gathered up all her wit and wisdom into one glorious book a woman can dip into again and again for a reminder that she is powerful and can accomplish pretty much anything because, you know, the future is female.

Using examples, actual events, and inspiring quotations from Michelle’s life during and prior to her time as first lady, What’s Your M.O.?: Live Your Best Life the Michelle Obama Way simultaneously celebrates Michelle’s accomplishments and provides useful advice for a wide array of life’s challenges.

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The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating & Sex

“Never leave home without The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating & Sex, a bible for the vain, immature, horny American in all of us. Keep a copy in your car, one under the bed and a third tattooed on your thigh.” —The Washington Post

“In the all-too-serious and delicate world of dating and sex, the Worst-Case Scenario Handbook: Dating & Sex provides respite and levity.” —Los Angeles Times

While tough to say this book’s title fast three times, it has proved to be an invaluable and hilarious guide for anyone who’s dipped their, um, toes in the dating pool. From how to determine the gender of your date to the sadly common scenario of dealing with excessive gas, the WCSSGDS is an absolute gas to read. Others agree: it hit the New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, and Independent Bookseller’s bestseller lists!

Find out more about Jennifer’s Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating, Sex & College lecture

Beyond the Family Tree

Read to branch out with your relatives? You’ve come to the right place! Beyond the Family Tree is a handbook that will help you forge better family relationships by engaging in more interesting conversations and creating an online means of communication. With this book, you will spark a dialogue—thanks to 1,000 insightful questions and interviewing techniques—that will create a vibrant, living history with you and your entire family. Learn how to leverage social networks and online tools to keep the conversation going. Beyond the Family Tree helps us gather and preserve precious memories for ourselves, relatives, and future generations.

Simple Gifts: 50 Little Luxuries to Craft, Sew, Cook & Knit

Simple Gifts offers step-by-step instructions for creating 50 easy and inspired handmade gifts for everyone on your list—man, woman, child, and pet! This complete gift-giving resource also includes inventive gift-wrapping ideas and helpful guidelines for pinpointing the right present for that special someone. From a stylish knitted apron to a wood-burned frame, personalized note cards to delectable salted caramels, these heartfelt, homemade and inexpensive gifts are certain to knock your loved ones’ socks off, and perhaps bring tears to your eyes…in a good way.

A Prairie Girl’s Guide to Life

Whether looking to escape today’s hectic world or get in touch with your creative self, there’s comfort in returning to the simple life on the prairie. While you may not have to truss a turkey or embroider a pillowcase on a daily basis, it pays for a modern gal to possess the skills of a pioneer woman, especially in a challenging urban landscape, The Prairie Girl’s Guide to Life teaches you the skills your grandmother never showed you. Learn to master the art of candle-making, or how to braid a rug or speak old-time slang. So, leave the chaos behind, settle down with a cup of tea and slice of rhubarb pie, and reconnect with the rich legacy of women with some fabulous pioneer crafts.

Backcountry Betty: Roughing It in Style

Discover your inner “Betty” with this fierce and fresh approach to camping and wilderness. Whether you prefer L.L. Bean or Kate Spade, this humorous outdoor guide has everything a girl needs to know to rough it with comfort and class. From which beauty products can double as survival gear to basic safety tips, from how to turn your tent into a pleasure palace to throwing a mean party at your campsite (Crystal Light cocktails, anyone?)—this field guide will inform and motivate Betties everywhere to hit the backcountry in a safe yet oh-so-stylish way.

Backcountry Betty: Crafting With Style

Backcountry Betty: Crafting With Style features more than 60 projects embodying the spirit of the great outdoors. Using nature’s beauty to inspire, these modern, stylish projects fashion found objects from nature and our urban habitat into beauty handmade crafts. From Log Cabin Candles to Beach Glass Charm Bracelets, you never lack for quick, easy, and sustainable projects made from outdoor flotsam—bark, sand, rocks, flowers, feathers, and more.

How To Live with a Man and Love It

Throughout history, ladies have known that planning and strategy can lead to success in matters of the heart. Romance and glamour can survive and thrive once you settle down together, but the fact is that love alone is not going to produce a happy home. It’s necessary, of course, but so, too, is patience and good old-fashioned craftiness. In this commonsense guide, you’ll find all the advice and wisdom you need to make the transition from swinging single to life as part of a twosome.