Girl Group Confidential

It’s not only informative and fun, it’s a celebration of what women do best—come together to share their energy, smarts, insights, and passions.” —Cameron Tuttle, The Bad Girl’s Guides

Girl Group Confidential is the one-stop shop for running a group with your girlfriends.” —Kathy L. Patrick, Founder, The Pulpwood Queens Book Clubs

Looking to start a book club? Knitting circle? Poker night? Before you call all your friends, stop! Take a deep breath and do a little planning before assembling a group who doesn’t get along, isn’t reliable, or is far to big to fit in your living room. In this definitive handbook, Jennifer takes you through all the steps you need to know to start and run a successful, fun girl group of any kind. Covering the practical, the social, and beyond, Worick shows you how to optimize female gatherings and make the experience rich and rewarding.