I’ve always fancied Venn diagrams. I love organizing and classifying things, and a Venn diagram of overlapping circles is a perfect way to describe what I do.

I write. That’s rather obvious. Mostly I write about things that blow my skirt up. Humor is a big—huge—part of everything I do. But then there’s that soft, squishy sentimental part of me that can’t help but rear its heartfelt head. And since I like to tell people what to do every chance I get, I write a lot of how-to books, blogs, and articles.

Humorous. Heartfelt. How-to. Three great tastes that taste great together, at least in my cereal bowl.

So let’s get down to it. Here’s what you should know off the bat: I’m the New York Times best-selling author of more than 25 books and, per Reader’s Digest, one of the four funniest bloggers in the US. Pretty cool, eh?

I’ve written on everything under the sun for national magazines and websites like The Huffington Post, Allure, and Salon, and have written columns for today.com, MSN, and the Seattle Times. In addition to bookshelves, newsstands, and your favorite websites, you can also find me online at Things I Want to Punch in the Face.

With fellow author and publishing pro Kerry Colburn, I delivered publishing talks, workshops, and webinars for a decade, helping burgeoning authors get published through The Business of Books. You may have also caught me over the years at a university offering up a side-splitting but informative slide-show presentations based on my popular books.

All of these experiences, plus a few other publishing gigs, have led me to my current position as Publisher of Sasquatch Books adult list, helping shepherd both regional and national nonfiction books to market.

Originally from Southwestern Michigan, I currently live in Seattle, where I staunchly eschew fleece while eating more fish and chips than is good for me.