Archive | March, 2017

The rejuvenating power of the interview

One of the bennies from my Seattle Times column gig is that it has led to other work. I was able to pitch some story ideas to AARP for their work/career section and two of them turned into actual assignments.

I love stories that involve several interviews and consequently varying points of view and advice. An article, which is already outlined, takes on a new shape that’s guided by each new person I interview. First up was a story on how Boomers and Gen Xers can communicate effectively with Millennials in the workplace. I was astounded by how many people wanted to weigh in the subject and in a positive way. The next story was on how to turn your love of travel into an encore career or part-time gig. I had been inspired by Ruby Montana, who now runs a kitschy motor lodge in Palm Springs, and Margaret Manning, who runs a website for women 60 and older from her home in Switzerland. Again, many people generously agreed to share their experience and advice.

Now, energized by these assignments, it’s back to the drawing board with a new secret book project, more freelance articles and publishing consulting. As Ruby Montana might say, Giddyup!